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Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Stuff I Just Started.

To be honest, it's about time.

So recently my friend introduced me to Wattpad and suggested I write on it. I was a bit hesitant because I have looked at that site and the stories on their not really my cup of tea. However, there's always a good reason to try!
Here it is: http://www.wattpad.com/30221173-my-strange-roommate-and-me
I'm kinda busting out of my comfort zone here since I'm writing a paranormal humor story. Oddness.
I'm really going to push myself and make sure I finish this as an actual long novel!
Here's to hoping I make it!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Favorite Scenes From Kyousougiga

All four episodes (including episode 0) I have watched so far are AWESOME but I must say, episode 2 is so far my favorite. Maybe it's because I just love the Inari/Myoe x Black Rabbit Koto or just because child Koto is adorable but I loved it so much! Also, what's the thing with giving your kid the same name as her mother? Won't it be confusing when they are a family again (WHICH HAS TO HAPPEN!!)? Also, one more thing: how did they even have Koto? Didn't Black Rabbit Koto have to give back her body as soon as they left? And why is Myoe living under a different name and a lot shorter?? I know this will all be answered at some point but just putting it out there for now. Anyway, I'm going to make a gallery of my favorite moments here so I can get back to it whenever I want :D

Friday, August 30, 2013

I Just Want to Rant About My Favorite Manga and Anime

Okay, mangas are like my one of my more embarrassing obsessions. I'm not embarrassed that I'm reading it, but I'm embarrassed of my ongoing rants on them which you will know if you ask me anything about a manga I like or didn't like. Seriously. Every single time I read a good manga, I tend to go straight to my diary and just rant on and on about it and just now, while watching Sourcefed's new Anime Club for Fullmetal Alchemist, I couldn't help but want to SCREAM. First thing I must get out of the way and I don't care that the majority of you who hasn't read Fullmetal Alchemist wouldn't understand is that ALPHONSE IS NOT A ROBOT!!! GOD DAMMIT HOW DARE THEY CALL ALPHONSE A ROBOT! NO! JUST NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
And now most of you may skip the rest of this rant because most likely, you guys don't care about me and my manga.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Writing Again

Recently I haven't been writing a lot. In fact, I wasn't writing at all despite all the ideas that were floating around my brain because once I sat down and put down one of the ideas, I had no idea how to continue it leaving just a mass of unfinished work in my computer. However, just now I finally finished a story! All I really needed to do was dedicating the 5 minutes of getting to my math class to just writing. This made me keep interested and keep thinking about my writing until I finally found the inspiration to finish it which was what I did just now! Now I feel so happy and accomplished :)
So why not you also take just 5 minutes a day to something that you've always wanted to do to finally finish whatever you wanted to do.

My stories on my literary blog: http://fictionallitostandaleatory.blogspot.com/2013/08/blindfolded.html

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moving Around (This is getting a little depressing, isn't it?)

I've always moved around and the time period between every move seems really harsh to the little kid I was. Two to three years is definitely a sufficient amount of time for young kids to make bonds but especially because they are young kids, it's also equally hard to keep those bonds after you move and I felt that. A lot.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sciences Hurts

I love science. No seriously, one of my favorite things to do in my past time is to look up interesting scientific theories or make up my own but this is one thing that no matter how many people explain it to me I just don't get. Please help stop the pain!

I Love This




Not even two weeks has gone by since school started and we already have a holiday. Wheeeeeee! The rain here also gave me a reason to pull out my rain boots and Tweety Bird umbrella and get out. Unfortunately my mom said that I would look stupid with my bright yellow raincoat as well so that stayed on the shelf :(
Now what should I talk about in this little free time of mine?
I just finished this little article on my friend's blog: http://schizophreniaandcookies.blogspot.com/2013/08/lies-and-secrets.html?showComment=1377072706864#c8335580073781828940

After doing that, I thought "Why not get serious for a while?"
I never like to get "serious" in public because I like being a fun person but sometimes, a little bit too much goofy can make other people think that you are a completely unfeeling robot so here comes a touch of my deep thoughts!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Thoughts on Scary Stories

I have a love/hate relationship with scary stories. I absolutely love the thrill of reading a scary story. The chill that suddenly runs down your back as you read, your uncontrollable heartbeat, your imagination running wild.... I just love is so much! The only downside is the paranoia that follows afterwards. That feeling of someone watching your back, unexplained sounds, the feeling of someone in front of you in the dark, it just freaks me out. I guess that's the fun of scary stories :)
If you like creepy stories like me, hear are some really awesome creepypasta for you!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School?

Well school is once again right around the weekend..... Dammit.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Towards the End of Summer Break...

Hello my non-existent readers! Whether you care or not, I'm back online! I've taken a break from this little personal space on the internet because I had absolutely nothing to say and I still don't. However, I am not very bored with my life after finished math homework and procrastinating from essay practices so here I am again! I originally thought I would start his blog up again after school started since I would be more energetic then and have way more thoughts randomly running around my head but I guess not! I probably am using too many exclamation points but I honestly don't give a damn about it since this is what every sounds like in my head and this is not English class! :D
You may be thinking that I'm super hyper right now but I can't tell you if that true or not since I have no idea myself. I have not had any sweets though so if I'm being hyper, it's just my natural Shine Energy bursting out of my skin. Disgusting image pop into your head? Good, that's what I saw too but gory books do a lot to control your reaction to your imagination. I still can't handle seeing gore though, or rather seeing someone getting brutally hurt. I feel sick when I see that, probably because I'm unconsciously sympathizing with the victim. The human brain is amazing.
I just had a bag of high calorie Korean snacks that I promise myself that I won't finish in one go but oh well, when has my stomach listened to any advice from my brain? I'm going to enter school overweight aren't I?

Well you just had a snippet of what goes on in my brain every day so it's up to you what you do with that but there you have it! Bye!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Art of Procrastination Part 2: Create A Leisure Project!

I've been in summer break for over two weeks now with no computer to work on so some of my usual procrastination methods have been cut off, which is why I have found an entirely new one! Meet something I like to call 'Leisure Project'!
Having absolutely nothing to occupy my mind while I work, my eyes drifted off to the top of my bookshelf and noticed my old art sketchbooks sticking out. I never really picked up on drawing simply because I'm not that good at it and being the slightly OCD perfectionist I am, I couldn't stand the fact that my hand could not create exactly what I was visualizing on my mind so I never got into it. However, as I looked through my sketchbooks, I realized that I had so many blank pages gone to waste. This stung at the obsessively resourceful side of me and I just had to fill each page with something so that every single age had a purpose and that is how I started my 'Leasure Project' of teaching myself how to draw! Since I'm so bad at it, this little project consumes a lot of time and no one can say that I'm being unproductive since I am working to improve myself making it a perfect way to procrastinate. A 'Leisure Project' doesn't have to be something like drawing. The beauty of the project is that it could be anything that you would like to try out and isn't boring. Ever thought about knitting? Make a project out of it! Like reading? Tell people that you have a goal to read a certain amount of books by whatever time you want and read away!
'Project' may sound like a lot of work but that exactly way there is the word 'Leisure' in front of it! Just because you call it a project, people think your being productive with your life, which you really aren't because you can change your goal anytime that you want to. Its just an excuse to get out of stuff that you want to put off and the funny thing is tht by the time you actually finish it, you feel like you've accomplished something besides avoiding work for as long as possible. 
Why don't you test our my little creation?

Hello Blog! I've Miss You!

Hello, my lovely readers! Or at least whatever is left of my readers if I ever had any. I've been off for a long, long, LONG time. It wasn't on purpose if you think ive lost interest in this blog because I haven't! It's just that my computer is currently out of order and has been for the last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to write anything. I'm using my iPod to write this thing because no matter how uncomfortable it is, I really wanted to write something. All the stories that I had been working on are saved on my comouter as well as any other things that I usually do for entertainment is closed off from me and it's been driving me mad! I've been venting by drawing and reading but ive already finished a book and I don't want to start the next one yet so I've been slacking off on YouTube, watching all of Cry's interesting series. If you don't know Cry and you like to watch funny people play horror games or listen to a fantastic creepypasta reader you should go to youtube.com/ChaoticMonki because he's pretty damn awesome. But if you care more about the reactions than the game's story, just watch Pewdiepie because he's hilarious too.
Now I'm getting off track!
Well anyway, you've heard my pathetic excuse for not being here for so long and this was just to prove to myself that I'm still going full steam on this blog so you will hear from me again very soon with a new article.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Do You Remeber Mashimaro?

Okay, if you don't know what Mashimaro is, you missed out on a LOT of fun as a child but since it was very Korean, I'm guessing most of you missed out on it. So basically he's a rabbit that makes you unsure whether he is smart or stupid and he looks like this:
See what I mean by missing out?

Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Keep Smiling :D

Some people seem to ask me how they can be happy all the time like me so here's the trick: Fake it. Half the time I'm smiling, I'm probably not even that happy. In fact, I might be having a horrible day but you should still smile and pretend to be happy everytime you meet someone! It's not a bad thing; it would be worse if you grumped around all day. Then the magic happens; when you smile, so does everyone around you. They start to talk more positively and laugh with you and guess what? Now you're happy too! When you start smiling, even if it's forcefully, eventually, it will bring happiness to you and everyone around you. So keep practicing that smile in the mirror! Even if it feels awkward at first, soon it will become natural once you make everyone else smile too!
Also, anothing thing is DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK. If it's someplace you have to be quiet in with people you care about or that should not be disturbed, yes, be mindful of their thoughts. However, if you are out on the streets, the majority of the people who sees you are people you will never meet again, so who care if they think your crazy? Just do what you want! Skip down that street! Laugh freely! Sing loudly! You only see them for a second so they won't even remember you face! Beside, you might make some people smile with your over the top craziness as well.
So there you go! How I stay happy for the majority of my day. Use it wisely :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Art of Procrastination, Part 1: Blogging

Of course if you're a high school student at this day and age and you have a blog, one thing that you will probably end up talking about is procrastination and that is what I'm going to do right now. Why? Because I am a typical high school student! Believe me! Don't typical high school student go running down the hall to slam into her friends? Our drunkenly sing a song during lunch time? Or scream "BEANBAG!!!" and jump into a bean bag whenever they see one? No? Then there must be something wrong with you since you obviously don't know how to live life.

Fudge Brownies

Can someone make me some brownies? Love them so much but I'm not allowed to get them on my own because my mom's worried about my weight. I don't really like the ones in the cafeteria but homemade ones are fantastic. My sister and I made them once, they were so good!
Who else loves fudge brownies?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing Romantic and Other Things I'm Not Good at

Okay, it's pretty obvious that I'm not good with romance in this post: http://thatweirdgirlinyourclass.blogspot.com/2013/05/love-and-i.html, but I am an aspiring writing and I like to try out different genres, tragedy being my main one right now. I mention in the post that I love reading romance novels, especially rom-coms and I've always wanted to write one but due to my lack of experience, it is definitely not going well. In fact, I tried one on my literary blog only to hear from my lovely partner that it's pretty evident that I've never felt that way before :/

Exams are like a Mistress (My Profound Quote of the Day)

Okay, I'm going to be taking the exams next week which just got me thinking, what are the exams really? Do we need them? Why do they pile so much stress and anxiety on people? After much thinking (which means about a minute in math class), I have decided that exams remind me of mistresses!



Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Make a Much Better Zombie Movie

I have a strong dislike for people who complain but never even think to make a move and fix what's bothering them and I've realized that that's exactly what I was doing with my post about zombie movies (http://thatweirdgirlinyourclass.blogspot.com/2013/05/why-i-hate-zombie-apocalypse-movies.html). Therefore, I am going to fix that right now! I will give some suggestion on how to make a good zombie movie that isn't just all gore but actually makes some sense. It might not be good for people who watch zombie movies for just plain mindless gore but it will make it better for people like me who like good plots.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Literary Blogs!!

I probably haven't mentioned this yet but I really enjoy writing so I started a literary blog with my friend Firescales!
It's a little outgoing to start two blogs right away but they're both two entirely different uses so I hope I'll be able to manage :)

Here's the URL: fictionallitostandaleatory.blogspot.com

I will be writing purely fictional works while my friend will tryy to do mix of fiction and non-fiction essays about philisophical ideas she has interest in.

To be honest, I have no idea how long this is going to last since I'm very lazy and easy-going when it comes to my writing so I only write when I feel like it. This means that I won't have a set schedule and probably won't even show up that often! Don't worry though, Firescales decided to keep up a set schedule but who know? She's not that diligent either :P

Anyway, some of my works are on there already so please read them and tell me what you think!

Why I Hate Zombie Apocalypse Movies

Okay, I'll probably make a lot of disagreements on my first day here but I am going to tell you how the Zombie Apocalypse just does not agree with me at all.

I once had an debate over this with my friend. I'm not sure if she remembers but that topic just got stuck in my head for weeks after that and even now, months later, I'm still recalling it because it just pisses me off so much.

First of all, let me get the definition of zombies: "A soulless corpse said to be revived by witchcraft".

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello World! What's up?

So.... This is my blog! I probably won't be here unless I have some really good reason to since I don't like to be tied down by schedules but it'll definitely be fulled with random stuff that has no where to go.
I'm really tempted to swear in this since I do that a lot in real life but I want to keep this PG since it's always best to have good manners on the internet so you don't attract trolls.
Anyway, all the random stuff aside, look forward to more things being posted here and I hope you enjoy whatever comes out of my head!
Just a head up but this may be full of random mood swings since I have loads of absolutely crazy people in my head that like to take over my body at time. It'll be even more noticable since I'll only be writing here when I get sudden pangs to do so just like my relationship with my diary so even if I sound like a totally different person in some posts, don't worry, it's just a war that's going on in my head.
The post will also be pretty short because I generally don't like sitting down and writing long post since I don't like reading those kinds of posts either. Unless the person is REALLY interesting, but if you are able to hook me into reading a long post then great job! You have an odd-stranger-that-you-don't-know-and-probably-don't-even-care-about's admiration!
So finally....