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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Favorite Scenes From Kyousougiga

All four episodes (including episode 0) I have watched so far are AWESOME but I must say, episode 2 is so far my favorite. Maybe it's because I just love the Inari/Myoe x Black Rabbit Koto or just because child Koto is adorable but I loved it so much! Also, what's the thing with giving your kid the same name as her mother? Won't it be confusing when they are a family again (WHICH HAS TO HAPPEN!!)? Also, one more thing: how did they even have Koto? Didn't Black Rabbit Koto have to give back her body as soon as they left? And why is Myoe living under a different name and a lot shorter?? I know this will all be answered at some point but just putting it out there for now. Anyway, I'm going to make a gallery of my favorite moments here so I can get back to it whenever I want :D

Yes Koto, don't forget to keeps your arms close when you punch annoying noble kids.
I love how Inari/Myoe is always the same, no matter what the hell happened after leaving Mirror Kyoto. He just doesn't give a shit :D

Oh my god, if Inari/Myoe and Black Rabbit Koto can't meet again by the end of the series, I'm going to CRY. THEY'RE JUST SO SWEET TOGETHER!! Also, Inari, don't cry :'( Even if you can't see her Koto is still there!
Their morning routine is so adorable. I can't wait till he fills up the house with the rest of his family, even though his other kids are pretty old now :D

I just thought Koto looked so cute here :D
How has no one noticed that they are related? They have the exact same eyes? I know Inari walks around with a mask but someone must have seen those eyes at one point and if red eyes are so rare, I'm pretty sure people would have remembered.
Little Koto is just too cute :D
Also, did anyone else find it sad but adorable about how Koto pretends a stuffed bunny toy is her mom? :'(

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