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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review: The Almost Moon - HUGE Mommy Issues

I stumbled across this little book a few months back at a used book store and as soon as I saw it was by Alice Sebold, I knew I needed it. The Lovely Bones has been one of my top favorite books and has a gorgeous movie adaptation so I went into this book wanting to like it and I did. I have seen many negative reviews on this and I do have to say that this book is not one for everyone. In fact, the only reason I think I found this book so intriguing is my fascination of mental illnesses and how it affects a family and my love for Sebold's style of storytelling. However, even for me, this book was definitely one that had me squirm at some parts. Now onto the full review!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Review: Paper Towns - Questioning the Facade

As the first review, I've decided to do the book that I most recently finished while it's still fresh on my mind - Paper Towns by John Green. To be honest, as a huge fan of vlogbrothers and a budding Nerdfighter, I may have a bit of a bias but hopefully it was offset by my skepticism of Young Adult romance novels. Although I am an avid fan of John Green as a person, I had never really taken a great interest in his works as a writer. This may be because I first found him during the time of my first encounters with more mature works and my departure from Young Adult novels and I was really looking for something different. As good as they were, by then I was a bit sick of cheesy romance stories and was looking for something more adventurous and mysterious. That was when I stumbled onto the video of John reading the first draft of his prologue to Paper Towns and it gripped me straight away. I felt like I had finally found what I was looking for and it never left my mind. Although this happened quite a while ago, I only just got an actual copy of the book last Christmas and didn't open it until just a couple weeks ago. Now let's start on the actual review!

A Sense of Order

 To me this blog has always been something like a diary or an OMGLIFEISSOHARDINEEDTOTELLEVERYONE kind of thing but now that my friends blogs are starting to find a purpose or regularity, I want to do something here too. Of course I've been thinking of writing a lot more lately, but I already have a blog for that (hint hint: fictionallitostandaleatory.blogspot.com) so I'm thinking about something else I've been restarting these days: books. My love of books started in 3rd grade as a form of competition, escalated in 5th grade as a form of escape, but died down in middle school due to real life catching on. Now I've started to find more of a balance and my friends have been really getting in to them so I think this would be a nice platform to spread the word of great books.
This thing won't be regularly scheduled or anything since I don't like rushing when it comes to reading but I'll be posting after each book I read with regular intervals of my past favorites and some more daily life whining. If this goes well and I don't get lazy, I may expand my reviews to some more of my obsessions such as anime/manga but don't get your hopes up, you overly eager otaku.

See ya~