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Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Sense of Order

 To me this blog has always been something like a diary or an OMGLIFEISSOHARDINEEDTOTELLEVERYONE kind of thing but now that my friends blogs are starting to find a purpose or regularity, I want to do something here too. Of course I've been thinking of writing a lot more lately, but I already have a blog for that (hint hint: fictionallitostandaleatory.blogspot.com) so I'm thinking about something else I've been restarting these days: books. My love of books started in 3rd grade as a form of competition, escalated in 5th grade as a form of escape, but died down in middle school due to real life catching on. Now I've started to find more of a balance and my friends have been really getting in to them so I think this would be a nice platform to spread the word of great books.
This thing won't be regularly scheduled or anything since I don't like rushing when it comes to reading but I'll be posting after each book I read with regular intervals of my past favorites and some more daily life whining. If this goes well and I don't get lazy, I may expand my reviews to some more of my obsessions such as anime/manga but don't get your hopes up, you overly eager otaku.

See ya~

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