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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin - New Ship Time!! (Favorite Scenes)

I just want to say, before I get into this that as a quick review, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin has been pretty interesting at least in the first 4 episodes that are out so far (Although the fight scene in episode 4 was total bullshit. The bad guy could have easily killed our hero in seconds if he just froze him then impaled him, idiot). The plot is unique and interesting, the characters are so far pretty likable to my taste (although I still don't get the deal with Daruko) and they interact well. Going with this theme it is time to announce that in episode three I finally decided on my ship. Obviously I'm not going to pair the dude up with a dead girl so the only other option was Tensai. I didn't really think much of her at first so I was planning to let this one go without a ship (since that novelist girl hasn't appeared again so far) but episode 3 and 4 set it. Tensai x Juugo to the win!

I think the reason I'm just so infatuated with Tensai is how much she reminds me of Taiga from Toradora. From her small stature to fierce personality just screams Taiga but she still maintains her own identity of a unique character. I'm looking forward to her development, romantic or not. Juugo seems to be in a pretty interesting situation too. This entire series is looking pretty good to me so far and I can't wait for more!

Screenshot time! (Warning, SPOILERS AHEAD!)

First thought: Is the hug really necessary?

I actually noticed both their phones in this scene but for some reason I thought he was playing a game. I'm not a master detective okay!

Aww.... She's so cute!

Both of you are adorable! The amount of shipping in this scenes is just too intense!

I actually squealed at this scene.

Then realized her absolutely deceptive acting and badassery. Yes, that is a word.

Okay, this scene made me laugh. I just love Tensai :D

This was the point where I realized my idiocy.

Reminded me of Saint Tail. LET THE SHIP SAIL!

May I expect some more developments? Maybe romantically? Hmm??


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