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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hello Blog! I've Miss You!

Hello, my lovely readers! Or at least whatever is left of my readers if I ever had any. I've been off for a long, long, LONG time. It wasn't on purpose if you think ive lost interest in this blog because I haven't! It's just that my computer is currently out of order and has been for the last few weeks that I haven't had a chance to write anything. I'm using my iPod to write this thing because no matter how uncomfortable it is, I really wanted to write something. All the stories that I had been working on are saved on my comouter as well as any other things that I usually do for entertainment is closed off from me and it's been driving me mad! I've been venting by drawing and reading but ive already finished a book and I don't want to start the next one yet so I've been slacking off on YouTube, watching all of Cry's interesting series. If you don't know Cry and you like to watch funny people play horror games or listen to a fantastic creepypasta reader you should go to youtube.com/ChaoticMonki because he's pretty damn awesome. But if you care more about the reactions than the game's story, just watch Pewdiepie because he's hilarious too.
Now I'm getting off track!
Well anyway, you've heard my pathetic excuse for not being here for so long and this was just to prove to myself that I'm still going full steam on this blog so you will hear from me again very soon with a new article.

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