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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Do You Remeber Mashimaro?

Okay, if you don't know what Mashimaro is, you missed out on a LOT of fun as a child but since it was very Korean, I'm guessing most of you missed out on it. So basically he's a rabbit that makes you unsure whether he is smart or stupid and he looks like this:
See what I mean by missing out?

Why am I talking about him? No reason! Like most of the stuff on this blog, I just randomly thought of him while looking at cute pictures. This little character probably built up my sense of humor as a child with is crude and hilarious jokes. My sister and I have a pretty big age gap of 6 years but watching these videos was probably one of the very few things that we enjoyed together which made each of those times very precious to me. This was back when I didn't even understand what the Internet was but my sister would turn the site on and I would run toward her and watch countless of videos of him.
I guess this blog post was basically just me reminiscing my younger days with my sister but I since I do want to give more of a point to this blog, here's one of the videos:

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