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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Art of Procrastination, Part 1: Blogging

Of course if you're a high school student at this day and age and you have a blog, one thing that you will probably end up talking about is procrastination and that is what I'm going to do right now. Why? Because I am a typical high school student! Believe me! Don't typical high school student go running down the hall to slam into her friends? Our drunkenly sing a song during lunch time? Or scream "BEANBAG!!!" and jump into a bean bag whenever they see one? No? Then there must be something wrong with you since you obviously don't know how to live life.
Anyway! Back onto the topic: procrastination. Doesn't everyone do it at some point of their day, when they reach the point and just say "Nah, don't really feel like doing this anymore" and try to push back their work with whatever they have at hand? After starting this blog, this blog is my ultimate form of procrastination. I have never had a form of procrastination that makes me feel like I've achieved something in the end, even though I probably haven't actually done anything useful. Like right now! I should be doing my report but look at me, just blogging away.
It feels like it's slowly taking over my life but I love it. It clears up my brain with useless things and fill it with things that seem important but is actually nothing. I even do it in class (which is horrible). It's like my drug. I've always loved writing but now I can write whatever I want, whenever I want and it makes me so distracted from the rest of my life. I feel like I could spend hours just on my blog, changing the formatting, trying out new gadgets, writing posts, and posting pictures. If my blog was a bean bag I would probably sink into it and never try to get up; then die from dehydration unless someone brings me food and water (although I may become obese instead). If I were to die like that, I would probably go screaming "I HAVE NO REGRETS!" at my last moments :)
Some of my friends have also gotten sucked into the joys of blogging. I actually started because of my friend (the one I share the literary blog with) as well. I wish I could quit school and do this as a living...


  1. Haha, yeah, this is totally one of those things you don't expect to get addicted to, but omg. this is the most wonderful form of procrastination. I'm waiting for the other parts of this beautiful work :D

  2. First: not everyone is as unique as you, so they don't do all those things you do.

    Second: you can do this for a job, it's called becoming a writer.

    Third: you kinda need this thing called a high school diploma (which means graduating) to become a writer and have more useless stuff fill your head to make you want to tell total strangers about.

    Forth: this wasn't really about procrastination, more about what you do when you procrastinate. :)