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Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Make a Much Better Zombie Movie

I have a strong dislike for people who complain but never even think to make a move and fix what's bothering them and I've realized that that's exactly what I was doing with my post about zombie movies (http://thatweirdgirlinyourclass.blogspot.com/2013/05/why-i-hate-zombie-apocalypse-movies.html). Therefore, I am going to fix that right now! I will give some suggestion on how to make a good zombie movie that isn't just all gore but actually makes some sense. It might not be good for people who watch zombie movies for just plain mindless gore but it will make it better for people like me who like good plots.

First of all, the basis of "zombies" that just doesn't make sense is that is the premises that they are all corpses. Fully dea, already buried corpses. I understand that that's why they are looked at as mindless monsters but you can still keep the scare factor if you make them immortal, mindless, and cannibalistic. You don't need them to be dead to be scary, why not just say it's a virus? A virus that shuts down the rational parts of the brain leaving only pure animalistic instincts and makes them attracted to human meat? It could also make cells mutate so that even if they get a mortal wound the mutated cells could cover it. We have a cause of the virus that is easy to make as well; while researching a way to make the body immortal one of the rats that suddenly went insane could have bitten one of the scientists, sending the virus down the bloodstream. The virus could be spread blood to blood or saliva to blood therefore if a person has a cut and comes in contact with the virus they could easily become contaminated. It could also give a reason to why victims of the cannibalism can turn; if they are not mortally wounded, the virus could easily start rebuilding their cells right away and fix them up before they are completely devoured.
This, incidentally, can also cover the reason they spread so fast; since they are immortal and driven by pure animalistic hunger, they cannot die, nor can do they hesitate to go for the kill meaning the ones close to them will immediately be attacked. This will make it easy for them to multiply quickly in a short amount of time before they can identify them as a problem and start exterminating them.
If they are still fuctioning with a brain, it will make sense that by destroying the brain, they can be killed because by disconnecting the body with the brain, even if they are still breathing they would be in a comatose state so they can't get you anyway.
There! Just by changing the meaning of "Zombies" a bit and putting in a little logical sense the story can make perfectly good sense and still retain it's gory horror fun!

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