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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello World! What's up?

So.... This is my blog! I probably won't be here unless I have some really good reason to since I don't like to be tied down by schedules but it'll definitely be fulled with random stuff that has no where to go.
I'm really tempted to swear in this since I do that a lot in real life but I want to keep this PG since it's always best to have good manners on the internet so you don't attract trolls.
Anyway, all the random stuff aside, look forward to more things being posted here and I hope you enjoy whatever comes out of my head!
Just a head up but this may be full of random mood swings since I have loads of absolutely crazy people in my head that like to take over my body at time. It'll be even more noticable since I'll only be writing here when I get sudden pangs to do so just like my relationship with my diary so even if I sound like a totally different person in some posts, don't worry, it's just a war that's going on in my head.
The post will also be pretty short because I generally don't like sitting down and writing long post since I don't like reading those kinds of posts either. Unless the person is REALLY interesting, but if you are able to hook me into reading a long post then great job! You have an odd-stranger-that-you-don't-know-and-probably-don't-even-care-about's admiration!
So finally....


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