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Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing Romantic and Other Things I'm Not Good at

Okay, it's pretty obvious that I'm not good with romance in this post: http://thatweirdgirlinyourclass.blogspot.com/2013/05/love-and-i.html, but I am an aspiring writing and I like to try out different genres, tragedy being my main one right now. I mention in the post that I love reading romance novels, especially rom-coms and I've always wanted to write one but due to my lack of experience, it is definitely not going well. In fact, I tried one on my literary blog only to hear from my lovely partner that it's pretty evident that I've never felt that way before :/
I absolutely hate cliche writing and I try to avoid it as much as possible but I can't help but go down that route while writing due to my lack of experience being supported by reading lots and lots of generic romance novels. I don't know what the actual feeling is like so I have to base things off of the generic plot from the things I've read but since my hatred for cliche kicks in, I end up ruining it all. In fact, the romance in my story was so awkward I contemplated giving it up and turning it into a tragedy about friendship. It would actually be pretty easy to do that because I put in my experience with friends to compensate for the lack of romance!
I've even come to the conclusion that my obsession of falling in love stems from my obsession of wanting to write a romance novel! I would do anything to be able to write in my favorite genre (beside thrillers. LOVE THRILLERS). I always seem to get obsessed over things I can't do, especially if other people can do it so well. I guess it's my immature pride kicking in but this has happened to a lot of other things too. I suck at anything musical but my sister was always so good at it that I kept trying and trying to sing and play the piano. At one point, I got so frustrated by my inability to get the correct notes that I just stopped. I actually gave up on piano, the thing that I had practiced for over half my life, just because I felt that I couldn't do it no matter what. I only just restarted it. Art was something my sister was good at that I wanted to do as well, but after a while I realized that my perception of space sucks as well as my inability to draw normal shapes without taking an extreme amount of time. Even my love for reading steamed from the fact that a girl from my class in 3rd grade was at high level reading books and I wanted to get there no matter what, leading me to consume multiple books a week.
Be it my perfectionist tendencies or my pride but at some point, when things just got way to overwhelming for me, I ended up just giving up because it was just too hard. It's a horrible personality trait of mine and I really don't want that to happen to me and my writing so I've decided to start analysing my past romantic experiences as well as my friends' and withstand writing cliches for practice in case I don't get to feel those emotions in my sweet adolescence.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm going to struggle with a lot of soppy emotions for a while so my blog may turn a bit more girly and please check out my literary blog if you are interested in my progress since I'll be posting those stories there. I'll still be writing other genres such as tragedy (my specialty), maybe some mystery/thrillers (since I love them so damn much), and comedies (I'm not good at being intentionally funny since I'm more of a spur of the moment person but I want to try!) so come watch! Romance isn't the only thing I stuggle with in my writing. It's the one that bothers me the most but I still have a lot of other genres that I've never tried out or am just not good at so you can watch me struggle with those too!

Literary Blog: fictionallitostandaleatory.blogspot.com

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