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Friday, May 10, 2013

How to Keep Smiling :D

Some people seem to ask me how they can be happy all the time like me so here's the trick: Fake it. Half the time I'm smiling, I'm probably not even that happy. In fact, I might be having a horrible day but you should still smile and pretend to be happy everytime you meet someone! It's not a bad thing; it would be worse if you grumped around all day. Then the magic happens; when you smile, so does everyone around you. They start to talk more positively and laugh with you and guess what? Now you're happy too! When you start smiling, even if it's forcefully, eventually, it will bring happiness to you and everyone around you. So keep practicing that smile in the mirror! Even if it feels awkward at first, soon it will become natural once you make everyone else smile too!
Also, anothing thing is DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK. If it's someplace you have to be quiet in with people you care about or that should not be disturbed, yes, be mindful of their thoughts. However, if you are out on the streets, the majority of the people who sees you are people you will never meet again, so who care if they think your crazy? Just do what you want! Skip down that street! Laugh freely! Sing loudly! You only see them for a second so they won't even remember you face! Beside, you might make some people smile with your over the top craziness as well.
So there you go! How I stay happy for the majority of my day. Use it wisely :)

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