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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Art of Procrastination Part 2: Create A Leisure Project!

I've been in summer break for over two weeks now with no computer to work on so some of my usual procrastination methods have been cut off, which is why I have found an entirely new one! Meet something I like to call 'Leisure Project'!
Having absolutely nothing to occupy my mind while I work, my eyes drifted off to the top of my bookshelf and noticed my old art sketchbooks sticking out. I never really picked up on drawing simply because I'm not that good at it and being the slightly OCD perfectionist I am, I couldn't stand the fact that my hand could not create exactly what I was visualizing on my mind so I never got into it. However, as I looked through my sketchbooks, I realized that I had so many blank pages gone to waste. This stung at the obsessively resourceful side of me and I just had to fill each page with something so that every single age had a purpose and that is how I started my 'Leasure Project' of teaching myself how to draw! Since I'm so bad at it, this little project consumes a lot of time and no one can say that I'm being unproductive since I am working to improve myself making it a perfect way to procrastinate. A 'Leisure Project' doesn't have to be something like drawing. The beauty of the project is that it could be anything that you would like to try out and isn't boring. Ever thought about knitting? Make a project out of it! Like reading? Tell people that you have a goal to read a certain amount of books by whatever time you want and read away!
'Project' may sound like a lot of work but that exactly way there is the word 'Leisure' in front of it! Just because you call it a project, people think your being productive with your life, which you really aren't because you can change your goal anytime that you want to. Its just an excuse to get out of stuff that you want to put off and the funny thing is tht by the time you actually finish it, you feel like you've accomplished something besides avoiding work for as long as possible. 
Why don't you test our my little creation?

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