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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Towards the End of Summer Break...

Hello my non-existent readers! Whether you care or not, I'm back online! I've taken a break from this little personal space on the internet because I had absolutely nothing to say and I still don't. However, I am not very bored with my life after finished math homework and procrastinating from essay practices so here I am again! I originally thought I would start his blog up again after school started since I would be more energetic then and have way more thoughts randomly running around my head but I guess not! I probably am using too many exclamation points but I honestly don't give a damn about it since this is what every sounds like in my head and this is not English class! :D
You may be thinking that I'm super hyper right now but I can't tell you if that true or not since I have no idea myself. I have not had any sweets though so if I'm being hyper, it's just my natural Shine Energy bursting out of my skin. Disgusting image pop into your head? Good, that's what I saw too but gory books do a lot to control your reaction to your imagination. I still can't handle seeing gore though, or rather seeing someone getting brutally hurt. I feel sick when I see that, probably because I'm unconsciously sympathizing with the victim. The human brain is amazing.
I just had a bag of high calorie Korean snacks that I promise myself that I won't finish in one go but oh well, when has my stomach listened to any advice from my brain? I'm going to enter school overweight aren't I?

Well you just had a snippet of what goes on in my brain every day so it's up to you what you do with that but there you have it! Bye!!


  1. Once again, I remember just how weird you are. Good job posting though, post more. I want to hear from you